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China's professional shoppers

Apr 4, 2019
They're making a living ... undercover.
People walk between buildings at a shopping mall in Beijing on October 18, 2018.
Greg Baker/AFP/Getty Images
One of Barber's favorite finds was a flute (pictured above) made out of an animal's femur about 2,000 years ago. She found it buried with the remains of a 16-year-old from the same time period in Oaxaca, Mexico.
Courtesy of Sarah Barber

It's time to bring back professional courtesy

Apr 13, 2012
Commentator Randall Kenneth Jones says it's not only good for morale, it's good for the bottom line too.

The best words for your resume

Dec 14, 2011
A new survey by networking site LinkedIn has found the most commonly used words on its profiles.