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Easy Sustainability Answers

What are the most effective things I can do to reduce the amount of energy I use?

by Adriene Hill Sep 21, 2010
A new study from researchers at Columbia found that a lot of people are pretty confused about the actions they can take to save energy. When asked...
Easy Sustainability Answers

Are half-and-half cups recyclable?

by Adriene Hill Sep 10, 2010
Easy Answer: No....
Easy Sustainability Answers

What are the chemicals in cosmetics and beauty products? How safe is my nail polish?

by Adriene Hill Sep 8, 2010
There are hundreds of chemicals in beauty products--some of which are bad for you and bad for the environment....
Easy Sustainability Answers

Which is better for the environment, an e-reader or paper books?

by Adriene Hill Sep 7, 2010
Easy Answer: It depends on how much you read and where you get your paper books....
Easy Sustainability Answers

Is canning safe? How do I do it? We've got a step-by-step slideshow!

by Adriene Hill Sep 2, 2010
Maybe it's the bounty at our local farmers' markets, maybe it's the desire for a comfort-hobby. Whatever the reason, we and our friends over at NPR...
Easy Sustainability Answers

Does wine packaging matter when it comes to the environment?

by Adriene Hill Sep 1, 2010
Easy Answer: Yes. Wine-in-the-box may be your best choice....
Easy Sustainability Answers

What do you think: Is it OK for kids to capture fireflies and bugs to learn about nature?

by Adriene Hill Aug 31, 2010
When I was a kid I'd spend summer nights collecting fireflies. I wasn't interested in killing them--just capturing them and watching them flash in...

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Easy Sustainability Answers

Should cars get grades on fuel economy and greenhouse gas emissions? Would a grade make you think differently about buying a new car?

by Adriene Hill Aug 30, 2010
Easy Answer: The EPA has proposed new labels for cars that include a letter grade for fuel economy and greenhouse gas emissions. The grading scale...
Easy Sustainability Answers

How can we repurpose dead malls and big box stores?

by Adriene Hill Aug 26, 2010
I did a story about Costco's decision to lease out space at a couple malls around the country. (Listen here.) It got me wondering about other, l...
Easy Sustainability Answers

What's the most environmentally friendly pet? What's the least environmentally friendly pet?

by Adriene Hill Aug 25, 2010
Easy Answer: If you consider energy consumption, the humble goldfish takes the top spot. Big dogs are the worst....

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