Self-learning machines predict life and death

Mar 28, 2017
Dr. Ziad Obermeyer says the seriously ill want 'objective predictions about how long they have to live.'
"The impetus for a lot of my work is that machines can see the world and can see patients in ways that we cannot as doctors," Dr. Ziad Obermeyer says.
Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Can palliative care save money?

Aug 20, 2015
Programs for the seriously ill have grown by more than 150 percent in 10 years.

At 50, Medicare is spending more on hospice

Jul 30, 2015
25 percent goes to end-of-life care, but does it save on other expenses?

Handling end-of-life health care

Sep 13, 2013
In the last two years of life, health care costs can soar. In fact, the last two year eat up more than a quarter of Medicare's spending. What can you do to prepare?