Oyler School is helping more of its families become homeowners

Oct 17, 2019
A partnership with Habitat for Humanity aims to double the ownership rate.
Habitat for Humanity bought these houses to renovate for families in Lower Price Hill.
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Cincinnati's Oyler School tries to rebuild its neighborhood

Oct 14, 2019
A new plan aims to create housing and jobs.
Cincinnati's Oyler School is on a mission to uplift not just its students, but its neighborhood.
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Bridging the edtech gap from Oyler School to home

Jun 15, 2015
Students without devices or broadband access at home can fall behind.

College is only one option after Oyler School

Jun 9, 2015
The school has worked towards a college-going culture. But it isn't always the right fit.
Students in front of Oyler School in Cincinnati.
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When graduating from high school is just the first step

Jun 4, 2015
Raven Gribbins was the first in her troubled family to graduate from high school. Now she's fighting to make it through college.
Raven Gribbins collects her diploma from Oyler principal Craig Hockenberry.
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Oyler School struggles to make a community model work

May 26, 2015
We return to Oyler School, still trying a new approach to lift kids out of poverty.
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For public good, not for profit.

When you're the first to go to college

Sep 16, 2013
Last spring, Raven Gribbins was the first in her family to graduate from high school. Now she begins the next chapter -- as a college student.

Graduates take the stage at Oyler School

Jun 6, 2013
As our year-long series on Oyler School concludes, the neighborhood of Lower Price Hill gathers to celebrate the class of 2013.
On May 15, Oyler held the first graduation in its newly restored auditorium.
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At Oyler School, prom is more than a party

May 3, 2013
When a high-poverty school in Cincinnati added a high school seven years ago, prom was essential.
Crystal Kornegay, Prom Queen 2013, checks out her royal hairdo.
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