A new report says worldwide oil demand will peak in 2029. Some oil industry observers are skeptical.

Jun 13, 2024
Even if the prediction's right, Big Oil will be with us much longer.
Even if the IEA's estimate is right, petroleum will continue to be a massive industry past 2029.
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What goes into OPEC's decision-making?

May 31, 2024
The cartel wants to manipulate production to push up prices and demand.
“Price is always in the background as part of the discussion,” says Mark Finley at Rice University’s Baker Institute.
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Gas prices inch down as outlook appears stable

Jan 8, 2024
Gas is close to the $3 per gallon mark and has broken that in parts of the South.
In some parts of the South, gas prices are already below $3 a gallon. Above, a Chevron gas station in Austin, Texas.
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Angola is leaving OPEC. What does that mean for the cartel?

Dec 26, 2023
The split was Angola’s idea. What does it mean for OPEC — the group of oil-producing developing nations — and for the country?
Angola's oil production has been roughly halved since the early 2000s. Above, an oil production storage and offloading vessel off the coast of Angola.
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U.S. oil producers have increased production, frustrating OPEC's efforts to prop up oil prices

Dec 20, 2023
Domestic oil production is running around a million barrels a day ahead of predictions.
This time last year, cuts by OPEC helped push oil prices above $80 a barrel. American producers took notice.
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Delay of OPEC+ meeting leaves questions about oil supply cuts

Nov 22, 2023
The expectation was that OPEC countries would continue cutting back supply. Some think the delay may mean there’s disagreement about that.
A lot of OPEC countries would really like it if the price of oil was a bit higher.
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Why the U.S. is a spoiler for OPEC's plan to raise oil prices

Jul 10, 2023
OPEC is trying to cut production among its members in a bid to push up the price of oil, but it hasn't gone according to plan.
One reason oil prices are down is because production in the U.S. has been strong.
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For public good, not for profit.

To stay atop the oil market, OPEC became OPEC+. But keeping the cartel in sync isn't easy.

Jun 28, 2023
The Saudis invited the Russians to the table and rolled out the red carpet. But the Russians haven't always done what the Saudis want.
OPEC and OPEC+ members break their oil production promises all the time, said Victor McFarland at the University of Missouri.
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Saudis are trying to prop up oil prices by lashing out at short sellers

May 24, 2023
And if it doesn't work, they'll cut production.
An aerial view of an oil facility in eastern Saudi Arabia. The country is the de facto leader of OPEC+.
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OPEC grapples with sliding oil prices

May 10, 2023
The cartel releases its monthly oil market report on Thursday.
Despite the fact that OPEC nations cut oil production last month, oil prices are largely back to where they were in early April.
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