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Nvidia dominates in AI, but others are trying to chip away

May 22, 2024
The chipmaker's early focus on graphics processing technology created an advantage that is paying off hugely this year.
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What can the dot-com bubble teach us about the future of AI?

Apr 18, 2024
In the 1990s, Wall Street was very enthusiastic about the internet — and lost a ton of money because of that enthusiasm.
The burgeoning field of artificial intelligence is often compared to the birth of the internet in the 1990s, when many tech companies did too much too quickly and collapsed.
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What you need to know about Nvidia and the AI chip arms race

Mar 8, 2024
NVIDIA’s share price has jumped several hundred dollars in the past year, rising from $242 to $875.
The burgeoning AI market has increased the demand for the hardware underpinning AI applications. Nvidia is the GPU market leader.
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Will chipmaker Nvidia's earnings report be blockbuster? Or super-blockbuster?

Feb 21, 2024
Nvidia reports its Q4 financial results after markets close on Wednesday. The chipmaker has forecast major revenue gains thanks to generative AI.
Nvidia forecast it would hit $59 billion in revenue for 2023 — double what it brought in in 2022.
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AI might not take your job after all

Jan 22, 2024
MIT researchers estimate that artificial intelligence would be cost-effective in less than a quarter of the work it could technically do.
Nvidia, a chipmaker with sought-after AI products, has done well on Wall Street, but that doesn't mean AI will steal all our jobs. Above, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang.
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When one company dominates a market, there can be downsides

Aug 24, 2023
Chipmaker Nvidia is the breakout sensation of the AI boom. But supply chain snarls have taught us the risks of having few sources.
Nvidia designs about 80% of the specialized chips needed to train complex artificial intelligence models. It makes a single-source product that's fabricated by only one company.
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Chipmaker Nvidia steps into the spotlight as a barometer of the AI economy

Aug 21, 2023
It makes the chips at the heart of ChatGPT and other tools.
The valuation of Nvidia, whose products are crucial to artificial intelligence technology, has surpassed $1 trillion.
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For public good, not for profit.

How AI is reshaping the computer chip industry

May 24, 2023
Semiconductor company NVIDIA seems to be leading the race in hardware AI.
Nvidia, the computer chip designer, has seen its stock price more than double since the start of the year to about $300 a share.
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