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What does Nest's shutdown of Revolv mean for the future of smart home tech?

Apr 6, 2016
The company kills the home automation hub and its users are pissed.
A screenshot from the Revolv setup video.
Donna Tam/Marketplace

Google stops Glass production, at least for now

Jan 16, 2015
"Everybody who touched the Glass did not become an evangelist." That was a problem.

4 ideas from Nest CEO Tony Fadell

Jul 21, 2014
There are plenty of ideas floating around in Fadell's head, but here are four.

NEST? The stock that jumped 1900%? Wrong Nest

Jan 14, 2014
When Twitter went public, shares of a home entertainment company with the symbol TWTRQ went bananas.

Google acquires Nest for $3.2 billion

Jan 14, 2014
Google could be moving in. The tech giant bought smart home thermostat maker Nest yesterday for $3.2 billion.