First-time homebuyers are a growing share of the market

Jul 17, 2024
But not because it's easier to buy.
Michael and Lauren James, with real estate agent Joy Sushinsky, center, bought their first house this summer.
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Rise in house completions means relief is coming for home seekers

Jul 17, 2024
The increase in housing supply will help bring down, or at least steady, prices, experts say.
"The best way to deal with inflation is supply, right?" says Logan Mohtashami of HousingWire. "You want to build as much as you can and get those homes out there for people to live in and bring down the rise of rents."
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Nearly 1 in 4 Black borrowers are denied a mortgage

Jun 19, 2024
Comparatively, 1 in 10 white borrowers are turned away.
Racial disparities in the mortgage market persist.
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"Mom, Dad, will you cosign my mortgage, please?"

Jun 10, 2024
Young adults increasingly need help from a parent, or other older adult, to buy their first home. The tough market is removing some of the stigma.
Many parents are helping their kids buy a home, which makes "it that much harder for other people to break into the housing market when they don't have that help," said Abha Bhattarai at The Washington Post.
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A tax break to encourage homeownership primarily helps the wealthy

Jun 3, 2024
Economists argue the home mortgage interest deduction doesn't really work and costs the federal government tens of billions of dollars a year.
To be eligible for the home mortgage interest deduction, a buyer would have to be among the 11% of taxpayers who itemize their returns. Above, a home for sale in Damascus, Maryland.
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More housing stock means the market may be shifting in favor of buyers

Mar 18, 2024
New home listings hit a 17-month high in February, and as more sellers sell, housing prices could flatten, says Conor Sen at Bloomberg Opinion.
"We're seeing inventory really grow off the very low levels of last year," says Bloomberg's Conor Sen. "And in a market that's very undersupplied, that's becoming a meaningful amount of inventory."
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For a couple in Maine, calling a Grange Hall home means financial freedom

Feb 23, 2024
With the goal of living mortgage-free, "I really knew that I would go anywhere and I would live in anything," Kate Mill says.
After living in Nashville, Tennessee, for 23 years, Henry Pile and Kate Mills bought this  Grange Hall in Livermore Falls, Maine.
Courtesy Henry Pile

For public good, not for profit.

Amid a national housing shortage, Texas is an exception

Feb 7, 2024
"This market is just really wacky right now," says Houston-based broker LaTisha Grant.
The number of homes for sale in Texas has more than doubled from its low during the pandemic.
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Why does a bank sell your mortgage?

Feb 6, 2024
Most are sold into the secondary market, which increases liquidity and makes it easier to get a mortgage at a lower interest rate.
Today, upward of 70% of mortgages are sold into the secondary market, typically bundled with others to create a mortgage-back security. It can be annoying, though, when your servicer changes.
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The housing sector is coming out of the doldrums. But will it keep improving through 2024?

Dec 20, 2023
We jumped into the Marketplace time machine to ask some experts how things look from next December.
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