As Americans catch up on care they skipped during COVID, health insurance could get pricier

Jun 15, 2023
Patient numbers have bounced back to prepandemic levels.
Procedures like hip and knee surgeries have bounced back.
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Is Medicare Advantage worth the short-term savings?

One health consultant walks us through the benefits and drawbacks of increasingly popular Medicare Advantage plans.
Medicare Advantage plans are becoming more and more popular, but what exactly do they entail?  We got the details from Dr. Fred Hyde, an independent consultant in health care finance and adjunct professor at Georgetown University.
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What’s the difference between traditional Medicare and Medicare Advantage?  

There’s been a push for original Medicare recipients to switch to Medicare Advantage, but the plans have seen controversy.
Medicare Advantage plans have seen a number of scandals, Marketplace's senior economics contributor explains why.
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Medicare can be confusing, but where there's choice ... there's business opportunity

Oct 4, 2019
Insurance brokers have built businesses in educating consumers and selling them Medicare plans.
President Donald Trump speaks before an executive order signing regarding Medicare in Florida.

To fix Obamacare, look back at another health care battle

Sep 6, 2017
Medicare Advantage was once in jeopardy, too. But then Congress stepped in.
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