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Why corporate dealmaking could pick up this year

Jan 18, 2024
Rising interest rates, a volatile stock market and a strict regulatory environment are just some of the factors that held back corporate dealmaking in 2023. Some of those obstacles could ease in 2024, but they aren't going away.
A big reason that mergers and acquisitions have dropped is because rising interest rates have made it costlier to buy a company.
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Mergers and acquisitions have a very good summer

Sep 30, 2020
Why has there been a corporate rush to buy and sell, and what do trends within those deals mean.
Recessions can shift what kinds of business deals are made, and corporations see value in diversifying their portfolios.
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COVID-19 hammers merger activity

Apr 1, 2020
Uncertainty means companies can't put a proper valuation on the companies they want to buy. And banks are tightening financing, too.
A sparsely populated Financial District in New York City due to COVID-19 on March 16.
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How a poison pill works

Mar 23, 2015
Want to deter a company from buying you out? Use a poison pill!
People shop in a mall on in New York City. 
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