What Marketplace should be reporting on, according to a 17-year-old

May 2, 2016
A high schooler from California gives us some pointers on what we should air.
Patricia De Haven at Marketplace's Los Angeles studio.
Katie Long/Marketplace

What does the middle class look like?

Jun 11, 2012
As part of our ongoing middle class photo project, we followed up with a listener who told us being middle class means setting a goal and getting there. Tell us what you think it means to be middle class.

The mail bag: Student debt and risk-averse investing

May 25, 2012
Host Tess Vigeland and Sr. Producer Paddy Hirsch discuss what's been on your minds.
Personal finance.
401K / Creative Commons

Letters: Creating a paper trail

May 11, 2012
Our weekly dive into the mail bag, and L.A. Times personal finance columnist David Lazarus helps a caller with a question about record-keeping.

Listeners respond: Money Through the Ages

Apr 1, 2011
Last week, Marketplace Money partnered with The New York Times for a special report called Money Through the Ages. The show looked at money issues...