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How does leap year affect your paycheck?

Feb 28, 2024
There are 366 days this year. That can make paying workers more complicated.
Leap day pay is straightforward for hourly employees, but it's gets a little more complicated for salaried workers.
Gam1983/Getty Images

Leap Day: 1/366th of the economy

Feb 29, 2012
On the whole, the day might not add up to all that much for the economy. But how does it affect the individual?

Being born on Leap Day

Feb 29, 2012
Happy Leap Day, everyone! For most, it's just an extra day, but for those born on Feb. 29, it means a number of obstacles along the way.

What Leap Day means for the U.S. economy

Feb 29, 2012
There's one extra day this month for businesses around the country to try and rake in some extra dough. In Central Florida, some hotels and one very big mouse are using Leap Day to drum up excitement.