Who's in, who's out: What the labor participation rate tells us about the job market

Aug 6, 2021
The pandemic forced some Americans out of the workforce to care for family. Risk posed by the delta variant may keep them from returning.
A job fair in June. Data in the strong July jobs report shows that the labor force participation rate remains in a narrow range.
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How serious is our declining population growth problem?

The implications of a shrinking population on our economic growth are potentially big, but Marketplace senior economic contributor Chris Farrell thinks there's some solutions to tap.
Embracing technology during the pandemic could help, says Chris Farrell.
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Why aren't more Americans working or looking for work?

Jul 10, 2019
Labor force participation in the U.S. is said to be lower than that of comparable economies. There are a couple of factors at play.
A help wanted sign hangs in a window of a restaurant in Miami, Florida.
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