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Why labor force participation is so different state to state

Nov 17, 2023
Different religious beliefs and education levels mean many more Utahans participate in the labor force than Mississippians.
One reason that Utah is the state with the highest labor force participation is the prominence of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which encourages family formation, leading to higher birthrates, says economist Peter Philips.
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A child care shortage is making it difficult for many mothers to return to full-time work

Oct 7, 2022
That's a big reason why so many women remain on the sidelines of the labor market.
The "care economy" is a crucial, yet severely undervalued, part of our economy, Marketplace senior economics contributor Chris Farrell argues. Above, an empty kindergarten classroom.
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New census data reveals more details about LGBTQ community

Sep 17, 2020
The data isn't perfect, advocates say, but it's likely to prove useful to government agencies and employers.
The U.S. Census found same-sex couples participate in the labor force at a higher rate than opposite-sex couples — almost 85% compared to just over 80%.
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Job growth surges, unemployment ticks up. Why?

Jan 4, 2019
Employers added 312,000 jobs in December, according to the Labor Department. That’s far more jobs than expected. And yet, the unemployment rate rose from 3.7 to 3.9 percent. More jobs, higher unemployment. How’s that work? It has something to do with the labor force participation rate. Click the audio player above to hear the full […]
Employment seekers attend the JobExpo employment fair in New York City.
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Can the jobs report predict the future of the economy?

Jan 4, 2019
The Labor Department’s jobs report for December was unequivocally strong, but it can be hard to square a good month of hiring with predictions of an economic slowdown and the market turbulence as of late. But when it comes to economic data, there’s a difference between learning how the economy’s been doing and how the […]
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