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Justin Bieber's cancelled meet-and-greets leave a lot of money on the table

Mar 23, 2016
It's not just $50 t-shirts — VIP extras bring even more money to blockbuster tours.
Canadian singer Justin Bieber poses on the red carpet upon his arrival at the Palais des Festivals to attend the 17th Annual NRJ Music Awards in Cannes, southeastern France, on November 7, 2015. 

Justin Bieber: Portrait of a venture capitalist

Nov 7, 2013
Belieb it or not, J-Biebs is a dynamite venture capitalist with a solid record of investment.

Are new laws needed to protect against paparazzi?

Jan 3, 2013
Professional shutterbugs who take pictures of celebrities see no need for new laws following death of photographer.

Justin Bieber turns 18, gets access to his money

Mar 1, 2012
Justin Bieber celebrates his 18th birthday today. What does official adulthood mean financially for the teen superstar?

Baby baby baby no: Joustin’ Beaver app gets a cease and desist from Justin Bieber

Feb 24, 2012
It might not have been just the name that got the video game app known as Joustin’ Beaver in trouble. It might be the fact that the titular character, the beaver in question, bears an uncanny resemblance to Canadian pop star Justin Bieber. The fact that Biebs rarely jousts and is not a beaver was […]

Senators considering bill to send Justin Bieber to prison

Oct 20, 2011
Well, kinda, maybe. Senator Amy Klobuchar (D - Minn.) is sponsoring an anti-piracy bill that is backed by the recording and film industries as well...

Are you a Belieber?

Dec 14, 2010
YouTube released it's list of the most watched music videos of 2010. Four of the top ten featured heartthrob singer Justin Bieber. Others on the...

For public good, not for profit.

Justin Bieber: economic savant?

Oct 15, 2010
This final note today. Our special correspondent David Brancaccio took the high road yesterday. He declined to subject you to Justin Beiber....

Justin Bieber dropped from Facebook

Oct 8, 2010
But it's a different Justin Bieber. A guy with the same name as the teen pop star says he has had his Facebook account deleted without warning or...