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The intellectual property of jokes

Jan 21, 2016
With allegations against Amy Schumer, we take a look at who really owns humor.

Joke stealing is no laughing matter

Aug 24, 2015
Some are making money tweeting others' material. That breaks a comedian code.

Liar, liar, pants on fire!

Sep 10, 2013
10.2 million swallowed this one: hook, line and sinker.

3 April Fools' pranks you shouldn't pull at the office (and 1 you should)

Apr 1, 2013
Feel free to pull pranks at work, but don't take them too far.
Feel free to pull pranks at work, but don't take them too far.

Library jokes it'll move Lance Armstrong books to fiction section

Jan 21, 2013
A part-time staff member at an Australian library set up a prank sign stating that all the non-fiction Lance Armstrong books would be moved to the fiction section.

Listen: Economic jokes

Jun 29, 2012
In honor of the club vibe at the Belly Up in Aspen, where we're airing live, listen to a little stand-up comedy.

Submit your economic crisis jokes

Jun 25, 2012
Sometimes during a crisis, humor can provide a way to express yourself. So we want to know: What are your best economic crisis jokes?

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