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With more good news about the job market, why are we hearing about so many layoffs?

Feb 15, 2024
Layoff announcements at big companies --like Cisco, this week--can seem at odds with low unemployment claim numbers and positive monthly job reports.
Amid more good news about a bustling job market, Cisco announced major layoffs this week.
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How to better match veterans' talents with civilian opportunities

Many veterans lack college degrees, but the skills they acquire in military service can benefit employers, a McKinsey report shows.
A new report from McKinsey argues that hiring should focus more on skills and less on college degrees.
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The job market might finally be returning to "normal," economists say

Oct 5, 2023
Experts are predicting a slight decrease in wage growth, a drop that get us closer to pre-pandemic rates.
New September job market data comes out Friday, and economists expect we'll see a little less payroll growth than in August.
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Unemployment claims are at their lowest number since January

Sep 21, 2023
The labor market is still pretty tight, even after the last year and a half of rate hikes loosened things a bit.
Even without big hiring expansions, there are still more jobs out there than workers available to fill them.
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As another government shutdown looms, government jobs lose their luster

Sep 18, 2023
Workers have been paid after past shutdowns, albeit late. But there's no guarantee they will after any future shutdown.
Federal workers are subject to threats of government shutdown, which might lessen the appeal of a career in public service.
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Labor market weakens for young, less educated workers

Sep 8, 2023
What that might mean for them and for the economy at large.
Young adults without diplomas are "canaries in the coal mine," said Bill Rodgers at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. "When the economy slows down, they tend to be the first ones to lose their jobs.”
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Women's role in labor force continued to grow in August. Is the trend sustainable?

Sep 4, 2023
The growth was largely driven by working mothers. Flexible and remote jobs help, but the expiration of child care relief funds may hurt.
The growth in the female working population has largely been driven by mothers.
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For public good, not for profit.

Small businesses are still struggling to hire. But the situation's improving.

Sep 1, 2023
The good news: The lowest proportion of small businesses since March 2021 reported having trouble hiring. The bad news: It's still 40%.
Forty percent of small businesses reported having trouble filling job openings last month.
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Wage growth may be slowing after period of strong gains

Aug 28, 2023
Reports from companies and job search sites indicate that employers are lowering the pay they offer for newly posted jobs.
Small businesses aren’t adding jobs as quickly as they did last year, which is translating into weaker wage growth, noted economist Luke Pardue at Gusto.
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Inflation moderates in manufacturing and job market

Aug 2, 2023
As supply chains normalize and labor demand slackens, prices and wages are cooling off.
The easing of inflation is especially visible in vehicle production, said Garrett Nelson at CFRA.
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