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This Indigenous artist made her beadwork into a thriving business

Feb 14, 2024
Thanks to the success of her beadwork business, owner Mikailah Thompson was able to start a creative agency for Native artists.
Mikailah Thompson learned to bead from her grandmother when she lived on the Nimiipuu reservation in North-Central Idaho.
Courtesy Mikailah Thompson

Who is the Indian Arts and Crafts Act supposed to protect?

Oct 11, 2023
The Department of the Interior says it's adapting the law to better serve an evolving Native art economy. Traditional artists fear the update could open the door to mass-production and corporate abuse.
A Navajo woman weaves a traditional rug. Non-Native artists and businesses who falsely market art as “Native-made” face fines of up to $250,000 or jail time under IACA
Getty Images

For Indigenous artists, pricing is a tricky proposition

Aug 28, 2023
Some Indigenous artists say they've never been able to charge what their work is truly worth. Now, rising material costs are eating into profits.
Above, people enjoy the Santa Fe Indian Market, which draws roughly 1,200 Indigenous artists and craftspeople from across North America, in 2019.
Luke E. Montavon/AFP via Getty Images