How tribal lands became abortion-care deserts, and why they won't fill new gaps in access

Jun 30, 2022
Those suggesting that reservations could serve as havens for abortion care are missing crucial context, experts say.
Abortion access is already limited on tribal lands by the Hyde Amendment. Above, an exam room in an Illinois abortion clinic on June 27.
Angela Weiss/AFP via Getty Images

Summit seeks to help tribes recover from pandemic woes

May 25, 2022
COVID shut down industries Native communities relied on. The Reservation Economic Summit is exploring alternative revenue streams.
The Reservation Economic Summit is being held in Las Vegas. Native American-run casinos have suffered financially, leading to discussions about strengthening tribal economies.
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How social impact bonds could spark prosperity for Indian Country in a pandemic recovery

Aug 14, 2020
"Investors are willing to put money on the table for projects with a positive social outcome," Patrice Kunesh says.
Sharon Chischilly/Getty Images