What high mortgage rates have to do with your rent

Apr 11, 2023
Rising mortgage rates have kept would-be buyers renting — straining the supply of available apartments and pushing prices up.
Despite slowing rent inflation, high mortgage rates are keeping some would-be homebuyers in apartments — which can increase competition and boost the cost of rent.
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Even as the housing market cools, luring discouraged buyers back may be a challenge

Sep 13, 2022
Prices may be coming down and houses are on the market longer, but many potential buyers have given up.
Sellers are "not only getting realistic about their asking price, but they're also having to get realistic about doing repairs," says LaTisha Grant of the TAS Realty Group in Houston.
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Unaffordable housing and slower job growth go hand in hand

Jan 15, 2020
The National Association of Realtors finds that metro areas with declining home affordability have less job growth.
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Million-dollar homes are no longer anything special

May 19, 2016
With rising prices and rents, it's tought to gain a foothold in big U.S. cities.
A luxury home in San Francisco, California. Around 57 percent of San Francisco homes are now worth a million or more.
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