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Even as real wages rebound, low-income households are playing catch-up

Aug 22, 2023
Average hourly earnings are now rising faster than prices. But two years of high inflation have left many low-income people in a financial hole.
Inflation can take a heavier toll on low-income workers because a large proportion of their pay goes toward necessities like food.
Scott Olson/Getty Images

Global household wealth dipped in 2022, but so did inequality

Aug 21, 2023
China’s rapid economic growth in recent years narrowed the wealth gap, but so did investment losses among the affluent.
China’s rapid economic growth contributed to gains among poorer countries in recent years. Above, a busy shopping area in Beijing.
Kevin Frayer/Getty Images

What household wealth does — and doesn't — say about this economy

Dec 8, 2021
The Federal Reserve's quarterly snapshot of household net worth comes out this week.
Stocks make up 30% of household wealth in the U.S. Above, people walk past the New York Stock Exchange.
Spencer Platt via Getty Images