Banks are preparing for more loans to go bad as interest rates rise

Aug 8, 2022
They're setting aside more cash to cover delinquencies and taking closer looks at prospective borrowers.
Consumers are saving less and using credit cards more as prices and interest rates rise. Above, a person on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange watches TV screens on July 27, after the Federal Reserve raised the benchmark interest rate by three-quarters of a percentage point.
Timothy A. Clary/AFP via Getty Images

Home equity loans are back, but not at the levels seen before the financial crisis

May 11, 2018
Home equity loans have become harder to obtain since the financial crisis.
A for sale sign is seen on a single family home January 30, 2008 in Vallejo, California.
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Home equity lines of credit on the rise

Sep 1, 2016
Some worry as a form of loan popular before the financial crash becomes popular again.
Home equity lines of credit are making a steady comeback, according to some experts.
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