California bets big on marketing to spread the health care gospel

Apr 25, 2013
Millions of Californians will be eligible for healthcare under the new law, and lots of them know nothing about it.

When can you join a health insurance exchange? Few know.

Apr 4, 2013
A new study says only a fraction of people know they can sign up in October for the insurance exchanges that are key to President Obama's health care overhaul.

Awaiting approval for state health insurance exchanges

Jan 1, 2013
The fiscal cliff was hardly the only important deadline today in Washington. Today's the day for the Secretary of Health and Human Services to tell states whether their plans for health insurance exchanges pass muster.

States must make health care decisions

Dec 12, 2012
The deadline for states to decide whether they'll run their own insurance exchanges is looming.

Making sense of health care exchanges

Nov 16, 2012
After states decide whether to set up their own exchanges, or let the federal government do it, then comes the hard part.

MID-DAY UPDATE: Stop reading your Facebook at work

Aug 26, 2010
California has passed legislation to set up a new market exchange for health insurance. It could be a model for other states to follow. The boa...

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