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Millennials like greeting cards. But Hallmark? Not so much.

Feb 14, 2020
The paper greeting card giant is facing stiff competition from new entrants that cater to millennials.
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Ask a Manager: Should you let loose at the office holiday party?

Is it ever appropriate to give your boss a gift? We take your biggest holiday questions and ask a manager.
Should you let loose at the office holiday party?
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Not just for Mother's Day: Greeting cards rake in big profits

May 12, 2017
'Sending a note feels so much more meaningful than a text,' says card maker Rosanna Kvernmo.
The National Retail Federation estimates that 78 percent of Americans will buy greeting cards for Mother's Day.
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Does anyone send greeting cards anymore?

Jul 10, 2013
The greeting card company’s founding family is trying to take American Greetings private. It’s been hit by e-cards, like most paper products companies.