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French startups take advantage of unsold food rules

Oct 21, 2019
France passed a law three and a half years ago requiring supermarkets to donate unsold food to the needy instead of throwing it away, making it a leader in the fight against food waste.
Chef Solène Gallard at Refettorio.
John Laurenson

Holy guacamole! That avocado could last four weeks.

Jun 20, 2018
Giving a whole new meaning to shelf life, avocados wearing a life-extending plant-based coating debut this week on U.S. grocery shelves. It’s one of the first products to potentially help cut down the billions of dollars in food waste each year in the United States. Click the above audio player to hear the full story.

App aims to help curb food waste

Dec 26, 2016
We waste billions of dollars worth of food.
A take out container in a trash bin in New York City. 
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Coalition launches global food loss and waste standard

Jun 6, 2016
Global food loss and waste cost up to $940 billion a year.
A prep cook at a San Francisco restaurant drops apple skins into a food scrap recycling container.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The economics of wasting food

Apr 20, 2016
What would be the economic effect if Americans wasted less food?
A family of four spends about $1,500 a year on food they don't eat.
Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Tasting menus are taking over at restaurants

Apr 19, 2016
With creativity and economics in mind, more eateries are adopting the practice.
The dining area of the restaurant Spiaggia prior to opening.
Nova Safo/Marketplace

Wasting food is more than a waste of money

Sep 15, 2015
The Obama administration has a plan to reduce uneaten food in landfills.

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