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Here's why the U.S. has so many banks

May 5, 2023
Deregulation has allowed lenders to operate across state lines, making it easier for banks to merge when they’re in trouble.
"Banking in this country is way more restrictive than in any other of the industrialized countries," says Richard Grossman, an economics professor. 
David McNew/Getty Images

Reports say Trump could replace banking industry's top cop

May 3, 2017
President Trump has seen every one of his cabinet secretaries confirmed but key financial regulators. Most are still holdovers from the Obama administration, though rumor has it that the comptroller of the currency could be replaced within days. Click the audio player above to hear the full story.

Trump set to reshape the Wall Street regulation?

Mar 23, 2017
The Senate Banking Committee is scheduled to hold a confirmation hearing Thursday on Jay Clayton, President Donald Trump’s choice to head the Securities and Exchange Commission. Clayton does not have a track record in Washington, and that makes it difficult to know if he shares Trump’s distaste for government regulation. But we can tell something […]

The outlook for banks under the incoming Trump administration

Jan 13, 2017
With a few banks reporting earnings Friday  — JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Bank of America — we’ll take a look at banking’s prospects. The new Trump administration and a GOP-controlled Congress have said they plan to dial back Dodd-Frank and other financial regulations. For the most part, bank stocks – and the market overall […]