Farming is "not easy and it's a lot of risk," says Iowa soybean producer

"Soybeans are down 18 cents today and then they could go up 50 tomorrow. Who knows?" said April Hemmes, a soybean farmer in Iowa.
Heavy rains have meant some farmers have had to replant hundreds of acres, says farmer April Hemmes.
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With low wool prices, Midwestern sheep farmers are innovating with the fiber

May 16, 2024
Some are looking for new uses for fleeces while others shift to breeds that don’t produce much wool at all.
Newly shorn sheep bask in the spring sunlight at the Cory Family Farm in Polk County, Iowa.
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The trend of small farmers selling to big ag companies continues

Feb 14, 2024
And, diversity is still a challenge in the agricultural industry. According to the census, 95 percent of American farmers are white and on average, are just over 58 years old.
Federal crop insurance, subsidies and lending practices favor large operations, says Phil Howard, a professor of food and agriculture at Michigan State University.
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Could vertical farms help fill unwanted office space?

Nov 22, 2023
Vertical farms “can take the spaces that are hard to rent,” explains real estate developer Brian Friedman.
Racks of lettuces growing at a vertical farm.
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How a delayed farm bill would affect the agriculture sector

Nov 10, 2023
If an extension or replacement bill isn't passed by the new year, there could be major consequences for farmers and consumers.
The farm bill was last updated in 2018. It's more expensive to grow food now, but the legislation doesn't reflect those changes.
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Another year, another record harvest for this Iowa farmer

Oct 31, 2023
"I thought I'm gonna have so much income," said April Hemmes. "But all my inputs were all that much higher."
April Hemmes on her farm in 2019. This year, she had a record soybean harvest despite a drought earlier in the year.
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For public good, not for profit.

Climate change means more extremes for Washington hops farmer

Sep 25, 2023
After a cold spring and unseasonably hot and dry summer, Patrick Smith of Yakima is seeing some abnormalities in when his crops mature.
"Overall, I'd say that the apple crop statewide is looking quite good," Washington farmer Patrick Smith says.
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Why aren’t farmers using new tech?

Aug 30, 2023
Farmers haven’t been keen on adopting new agriculture technology despite its potential to revolutionize the industry.
A young farmer uses a tablet before working the fields. Connectivity and broadband access issues remain hurdles for the adoption of agtech in parts of the U.S.
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After a year of bad weather, peaches are in short supply — and a lot more expensive

Aug 28, 2023
Unfavorable weather in the Southeast and Midwest has made for a national peach shortage. The lack of supply means prices have climbed between 25-50% this summer in some markets.
Customers shop for peaches on July 13, at Flamm Orchards in Cobden, Illinois.
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