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The trend of small farmers selling to big ag companies continues

Feb 14, 2024
And, diversity is still a challenge in the agricultural industry. According to the census, 95 percent of American farmers are white and on average, are just over 58 years old.
Federal crop insurance, subsidies and lending practices favor large operations, says Phil Howard, a professor of food and agriculture at Michigan State University.
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For farmers, it's not just today's inflation that matters. It's next year's too.

Jul 27, 2022
"We're wondering what this next crop year brings," said Brian Duncan. "But farmers are price takers, and that puts us in a really tough spot."
Brian Duncan at his farm in Polo, Illinois. "We have some opportunities right now," he says. "Prices are good. The challenge we have is how to keep costs in line."
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Coronavirus is driving people to one family farm

Oct 15, 2020
"I guess, thanks in large part to COVID, we had a lot of people looking for outdoor picking and being outside at farms," says Red Apple Farm owner Al Rose.
Al Rose says in New England, people associate fall with going apple-picking.
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