Three charts that show why your heating bill will fall

by Tony Wagner and Shea Huffman Oct 13, 2014
Natural gas prices are up but demand is expected to plummet, spelling savings.
Financial Feud

Financial Feud: Energy costs vs. Amenities

by Dayana Yochim - Consumer finance expert for the Motley Fool Jun 27, 2013
John and his partner have gotten competitive over energy costs. His partner wants him to cut back his consumption. John's unwilling to give up basic amenities -- like using warm water to rinse the dishes. Whose side are you on?
Attitude Check

How Americans think about the economy and their lives

by Marketplace Contributor Jan 31, 2013
When asked about how the economy directly impacts their lives, most Americans give the obvious answers -- and a couple of surprises too.
Daily Pulse

Stephen King keeps the heat on for Maine residents

by Matt Berger Nov 9, 2011
The Marketplace Daily Pulse is down today on news that times are so tough for some residents in Maine that local hero - novelist Stephen King - ...
Easy Sustainability Answers

What's in the new energy bill? What do you think of it?

by Adriene Hill Jul 27, 2010
Today, aides for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev) outlined a slimmed back energy and oil spill bill that would:...
Easy Sustainability Answers

What's going on with the Home Star legislation? Are rebates on the way? Should I wait to make my home more energy efficient?

by Adriene Hill Jul 23, 2010
Easy Answer: It looks like Home Star will be a part of the scaled-back energy bill Senator Harry Reid is planning to introduce next week. There's...

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