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Mexico City opens arms to digital nomads, but locals say they’re paying the price

Aug 8, 2023
A partnership between Mexico City and Airbnb is encouraging remote workers to stay longer, but locals say the expats are sending housing prices soaring.
The CDMX sign in Parque Francisco Villa, one of Mexico City's many green spaces. The influx of foreign purchasing power, thanks to increased tourism and remote workers, is accelerating gentrification in the city.
Grace Heerman

Life on the road (with five kids in tow)

Feb 27, 2023
The family of seven left California with a modified travel trailer. Eventually, they found their way home.
Brian and Shannon Ostrovsky spent 27 months traveling around the country with their five children.
Courtesy the Ostrovskys

Even as the pandemic subsides, vacation rentals remain popular with "digital nomads"

Feb 15, 2022
They're still boosting local economies. They're also contributing to rising home prices.
"Digital nomads" are still dominating part of the vacation rental space, but it's affecting affordable housing in some areas.
Farknot_Architect / Getty Images

Welcome to the new Workplace Culture Desk!

Jun 3, 2019
Don't mind the messy paper piles. We're sorting through a ton of great ideas for stories about our lives on the clock.
Rose Conlon/Marketplace