Nonprofit uses music to improve care for dementia patients

Nov 8, 2016
Since the program started in February, there’s been a 60 percent drop in patient falls.
Candyce Slusher, left, and Christy Duarte, right, help patient Marilyn Mecke listen to Julio Iglesias on her iPod.
Lucia Benavides

How Minnesota's supporting people with Alzheimer's

Nov 30, 2015
A statewide program is training businesses how to deal with people with dementia.

Feds want fewer anti-psychotics prescribed to seniors

Mar 2, 2015
Heavily marketed to treat patients with dementia, drugs can lead to death

Dementia is highest cost disease and rising

Apr 4, 2013
A report in the latest issue of the New England Journal of Medicine says the U.S. spends more on treating dementia than any other disease including cancer and heart disease.

Stepping up and stepping in for an aging parent

Feb 3, 2012
People coping with elderly parents in failing health face tough decisions. But there are warning signs indicating when loved ones should step in.

MID-DAY UPDATE: Congress can't meet a budget deadline -- push it back?

Sep 21, 2010
The federal government's budget year ends September 30th - and Congress is nowhere near passing a new budget. What do YOU do when you can't meet a...