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This record store wants to prove that downtown Jackson, Mississippi, is a destination

Jun 12, 2023
"There's always something to do here," says Phillip Rollins, owner of the store OffBeat. "People just don't know how to find it."
Phillip Rollins' store, OffBeat, was part of 601JXN, an event that aimed to bring people downtown.
Courtesy Rollins

Americans, including tech insiders, are using less social media

Aug 17, 2018
People are gradually setting boundaries with social media.

Big stock market trouble in China

Jul 8, 2015
Andy Rothman explains why the government should stay out of the economy.
Chinese shares dropped sharply on Wednesday, with the Shanghai Composite Index slipping down to nearly 3,400 points when it opened — the lowest point of the day.
ChinaFotoPress/Getty Images