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Batman v Hollywood

Apr 20, 2016
They said it couldn't be done: Making superheroes into movie stars. Forty years ago, Hollywood told 27-year-old Michael Uslan a Batman movie would never succeed. More than a dozen big-budget superhero movies will hit the big screen in the next…
Burt Ward as Robin, Adam West as Batman and Cesar Romero as The Joker, in a still from the 1960s "Batman" TV show, 1967.
20th Century Fox/Courtesy of Getty Images

All the times Batman and Superman almost met on the big screen

Mar 24, 2016
"Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice" is a match-up 70 years in the making.
Artist Mauro Perucchetti's sculpture 'Modern Heroes', which depicts Batman and Superman in a pose reminiscent of The Creation of Adam in The Sistine Chapel, is installed in the Halcyon Gallery on October 6, 2010 in London, England.
Oli Scarff/Getty Images

A test for superheroes: will mobile comics fly?

Mar 10, 2016
The mobile challenge: you read one panel, move down. Read another, down some more.
Traditional comics pages make for good reading on a tablet screen, but shrink those panels down to mobile phone size, and all kinds of text and imagery can get lost in translation. 
April Baer/Marketplace

Shhh ... we're talking about Fight Club

We're breaking the rules to talk about the sequel to Fight Club.

Putting a price on comic book deaths

Mar 20, 2015
They're a dime a dozen, but do they really drive sales?

Where does Marvel go from here? Anywhere it wants

Aug 12, 2014
"Guardians of the Galaxy" is a game changer for Marvel Studios.

Thor becomes a lady, and other changes at Marvel

Jul 18, 2014
Will Marvel's big shake-ups to Thor and Captain America draw a new audience?

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Killing Archie, to keep his brand healthy

Jul 15, 2014
There are many Archies loose in the world.

A comic book pioneer adjusts to the digital age

May 7, 2014
Live events and digital media as ways for comic book stores to survive.

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