So much for coal's "comeback"

Apr 20, 2023
Coal-fired electricity generation was down more than 25% and hit a first-quarter low in the U.S.
Coal-fired electricity generation has lost its luster with natural gas prices remaining low. After Russia invaded Ukraine, some experts expected coal to enjoy a competitive edge.
Diane Desobeau/AFP via Getty Images

Coal makes a comeback as Europe tries to avoid an energy emergency

Oct 19, 2022
Analysts say the U.S. coal industry hasn't been able to fully capitalize on the surge in demand
The growing energy crisis in Europe means some countries are turning to coal to produce electricity. Above, coal-fired power plants in Germany.
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They cleaned the U.S.' largest coal ash spill; many have died waiting for compensation

Sep 26, 2022
Coal ash contains a slew of toxic elements. The Tennessee Supreme Court is weighing the latest effort to block the workers’ cases.
In December 2008, more than 5.4 million cubic yards of coal ash were released from a holding pond at the Kingston Fossil Plant in Harriman, Tennessee.
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Coal prices are way up and long-term commitments from customers are hard to find

Jun 2, 2022
Traditionally, when coal prices spike, many plants switch to natural gas. But with natural gas prices at record highs too, some power providers are at a loss.
A bird flies by emissions from a coal plant in Ohio in 2019. Coal prices in central Appalachia have already more than doubled over the past year.
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