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How twin sisters launched an artisanal Cuban cigar shop in Miami

Oct 25, 2022
"Sharing a room with another alpha female is not easy. [...] We know how to work with each other at this point," says Yvette Rodriguez.
Yvette and Yvonne Rodriguez, owners of Tres Lindas Cubanas Cigars.
Courtesy Tres Lindas Cubanas Cigars

Cuban tobacco farmers involved in cigar production face tough times

Jun 2, 2017
Poor weather conditions and economic factors contribute to tobacco farming woes.
Workers at a Havana factory meticulously roll tobacco leaves into cigars. Supervisors measure and weigh each cigar to make sure it meets the high standards Cuban cigars are known for.
Anurima Bhargava

Obama administration eases Cuba restrictions, again

Oct 14, 2016
More rum and cigars for tourists, but the pace is slow for businesses.
A worker puts cigars in boxes at the H.Upman Cigar Factory in Havana, which hosts the world's largest Cuban cigar festival. 

Tampa's small businesses enjoy convention boost

Aug 28, 2012
The Republican National Convention is back on track today, with tens of thousands of visitors in Tampa. What kind of boost do the businesses of the Tampa Bay area get?

Cigar smoking among black high schoolers on the rise

Aug 10, 2012
American teens are smoking cigarettes less these days. But the number of black high school students who smoke cigars has nearly doubled in recent years.