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Masonry restorers-in-training learn how to hold New York together

Dec 28, 2016
In New York City, masonry restorers are always in demand. The law requires regular inspections of large buildings, to stop stone and brick from coming loose and killing people.
Graduating interns in masonry restoration cut the ribbon on the Borden Mausoleum
Ilya Marritz

In Philly, how the city deals with unclaimed bodies

Aug 19, 2016
When unidentified people die in Philly, the city picks up the burial tab.
A single stone marks the grave of 1,500 Philadelphians whose cremated remains were never claimed from the Medical Examiner's Office. 
Emma Lee/WHYY

My First Job: Pet grave digger

May 1, 2015
A first job that's a bit macabre.

In Vietnam, a cemetery kicks out the living

Mar 12, 2015
Hundreds of people live in a Ho Chi Minh City graveyard taken 0ver by the city

How do cemeteries make money?

Oct 13, 2014
The better question may be: What do they do when they run out of space?
Even the front lawn of Washington Cemetery is crammed full of plots. 
Tracey Samuelson/Marketplace

Keeping the funeral business alive

Mar 6, 2014
Philadelphia Magazine reporter Sandy Hingston says changing culture in America is killing the business of death.

For public good, not for profit.