How much money does “God” have? 

Feb 10, 2023
The Catholic Church has at least $73 billion based on media reports and financial statements, but it likely has billions more.
The Sistine Chapel: priceless.
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Can divine intervention help solve climate change?

Oct 3, 2017
What's behind today's biggest faith-based fossil fuel divestment in history?
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Pope Francis is not feeling the holiday cheer

Dec 22, 2014
Pope scolds those who run Catholic Church. His complaints include office gossip and jealousy.

Heads roll at the Vatican bank

Jul 2, 2013
Two top officials at the bank quit this week, as allegations of fraud and corruption continue to swirl.

Quiz: Which organizations change leadership the least?

Mar 18, 2013
Which has had fewer leadership changes in the last 100 years: The Catholic Church or General Electric?

What the new pope means for the poor

Mar 14, 2013
Priority number one for the new pope has been fighting poverty in the slums of Buenos Aires. What effect might he have on the global scene in his new position?

How did you hear the Pope is quitting: Horseback messenger or Taxi TV?

Feb 13, 2013
How does today's news compare to the information technology that was around when the last Pope resigned in 1415?

For public good, not for profit.

Is the new pope the 'CEO' of the Vatican?

Feb 11, 2013
Pope Benedict’s rare decision to resign won praise as a management move, but his tenure featured marketing and financial challenges.

Pope Benedict and the church's brand

Feb 11, 2013
Pope Benedict took office in 2005, as the Catholic Church was reeling from a sex abuse scandal. Has he been effective in restoring the Church's brand around the world?

Pope Benedict: Leading the church through crisis

Feb 11, 2013
As the head of the Catholic Church, Pope Benedict has been the leader of a troubled brand, as the church was hit hard by the clergy-sex-abuse scandals.