Now that the Dali has moved, will business in the Port of Baltimore return to normal?

May 20, 2024
The Coast Guard expects to allow the same size and kinds of cargo ships to come into the port that were able to prior to the bridge collapse.
Trans American's Baltimore warehouse is nearly empty.
Stephanie Hughes/Marketplace

“We have sailed from Baltimore”: Cargo ships begin leaving the port

Apr 25, 2024
Eight cargo ships have been stuck in the Port of Baltimore for weeks. Now, several are on their way — and back to business.
A channel opened Thursday, allowing some ships to leave the Port of Baltimore four weeks after the bridge collapsed.
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Supply chains already feel the pinch as collapsed bridge blocks Baltimore's port

Mar 26, 2024
And there's no telling how long it'll take to reopen the port. Other East Coast ports will have to handle some of the shipping traffic.
The cargo ship Dali reported losing power before it struck a column on the Francis Scott Key bridge.
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It costs how much to ship that? How one commission is tackling inflation at the ports

Sep 20, 2022
A new law has given the Federal Maritime Commission the teeth it needs to tackle high shipping fees and congestion at the ports.
President Joe Biden believes taming shipping freight costs is an integral part of bringing inflation back down. He has empowered the Federal Maritime Commission to tackle it at the ports.
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Why “big boats” might be partially responsible for inflation

May 24, 2022
Supply chain journalist Rachel Premack says megaships deserve some of the blame for shipping logjams and increased costs.
“I hate big boats, and so should you,” wrote FreightWaves editorial director Rachel Premack. The Ever Given container ship, above, sails along Egypt's Suez Canal.
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A Georgia county is still tallying up the damage from a cargo ship that capsized in 2019

May 2, 2022
Birds along the coastline were covered in oil, but environmentalists say there may be additional damage to marine life that's harder to see.
Beachgoers watch as emergency responders work to rescue crew members from the capsized Golden Ray in 2019.
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Sails made global shipping possible. Can they make it greener?

Dec 12, 2018
Solar panel-covered sails may be the answer.
If the shipping industry were a country, its emissions would rank sixth in the world.
Photo credit should read Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images

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