Tight inventory slows down housing market

Jul 5, 2017
The choke point is home building — which is in turn constrained by limited availability of land, building loans and skilled construction workers.
New entry-level homes for sale in a development by Pahlisch Homes in Vancouver, Washington.
Mitchell Hartman/Marketplace

House that sold for one dollar in Bay Area needs a home

Jan 6, 2017
The house is perched on a grassy lot where the city moved it to make way for new housing.
Even if it costs $300,000 to fix and move this house that sold in Hercules, Calif. for a dollar, the person who bought it thinks he can make a profit.
Sam Harnett

Will increase in home sales continue into 2017?

Dec 21, 2016
Rising mortgage rates may have pushed some buyers last month to close home deals but economists don't expect that to be a big thing in 2017
An Open House sign directs prospective buyers to property for sale in Monterey Park, California.