How a college credit card signup led to $20,000 in debt

Apr 24, 2023
Yanely Espinal, host of Marketplace's podcast "Financially Inclined," tells the story of taking on a financial responsibility she wasn't prepared for.
"I sat down, added up all the credit card debt that I had," Yanely Espinal said. "And it was just over $20,000. That scared me half to death."
Martin Bernetti/AFP via Getty Images

The midlife economic anxiety crisis

Mar 18, 2016
The most anxious people in our economic anxiety poll are 35 to 54-year-olds.
Ira Baron and his wife, Sharon Simon.
Nancy Marshall-Genzer

The financial anxiety of living on a fixed income

Mar 18, 2016
One Alabama resident who had just $10 left over after paying bills shares her story.
Betty Moncrief stands at the grave of her mother.
Nancy Marshall-Genzer/Marketplace

'My Financial Resolution? To Make a Financial Resolution.'

Why is it so hard to make, let alone keep, a financial resolution?

Financial Feud: Separate vs. Joint marital finances

Brice and his wife keep their finances separate but constantly argue when it comes to paying bills. She wants to keep things split. He wants to budget better for joint expenses. Our experts offer advice.

Financial Feud: Keep it private vs. Share your story

Would you feel comfortable sharing your personal finances with a national news organization (like Marketplace Money, for example)? A listener named Jay did. His wife did not. Find out what happened.

Financial Feud: Rent an apartment vs. A home

Sean and his wife can't agree on where to live. She wants to rent a single-family home. He wants to move into a smaller place and spend as little as possible. Who has the stronger argument? Hear from our experts.

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Is your morning latte a waste of money? (Infographic)

May 10, 2013
Whether it's lottery tickets, bar tabs or lunch dates, we all have something we spend money on that we think we shouldn't. But according to personal finance expert Paula Pant, waste is in the eye of the beholder.

How to better budget for your future

May 10, 2013
From what to do with your savings to how to budget for buying a new home, financial expert Gail Cunningham offers advice on how to plan ahead.

Making the best choices for your budget

Apr 19, 2013
Spring is the perfect time to get realistic about budgeting. Personal finance journalist Carmen Wong Ulrich offers some advice about how to do it the smart way.