How to protect yourself from a bad boss

Dealing with a bullying boss is not easy, but management consultant Kathi Elster offers some useful advice.
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Flu season could cost employers billions of dollars

Feb 12, 2018
This flu season could cost businesses at least $15.4 billion in lost productivity, according to one employment consulting firm.
A sign advertising flu shots is displayed at a Walgreens pharmacy on Jan. 22, 2018 in San Francisco, California. 
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Who’s the boss? When employees' needs come first

Jul 12, 2017
Servant leadership, a concept that emerged in the 1970s, is gaining in popularity with millennial employees and bosses
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Karaoke with co-workers doesn't have to be embarrassing

Mar 10, 2016
When done properly, karaoke is one of the best ways to bond with your officemates.
British television personality Nikki Grahame sings karaoke at Soho Arts Club on August 4, 2010 in London, England.
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For public good, not for profit.

How to manage talent, like a boss

Feb 26, 2016
Why letting your employee leave may be more important than retaining them.

Why so many bosses are jerks

Nov 9, 2015
Narcissism, arrogance, aggression. They're predictors of success in corporations.

How do I love work? Let me count the ways ...

Aug 21, 2013
Writer Victoria Chang uses poetry to deal with the frustrations of bosses, and coworkers and workplaces.