There are signs that the red-hot housing market may be cooling down

May 18, 2022
Yes, mortgage rates are high. But demand is starting fall because of that, and prices aren't rising as fast as they have been, experts say.
Though home prices are still rising, they're not rising as fast as they have been, according to Redfin.
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Car dealerships short on cars, going big on prices

Dec 17, 2021
A dealer in the Los Angeles area describes bidding wars for the few vehicles that are on the lot.
Theo Ebert, right, and Lee Dibble stand on the empty new car lot at Vista Ford Lincoln in Woodland Hills.
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Housing market shows signs of normalizing

Sep 16, 2021
Homes are staying on the market a few more days. Plus, there are more new listings and fewer bidding wars.
The real estate market is finally easing up a bit, improving the position of buyers. Houses are staying on the market longer, and there are more new listings.
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Buying a house has become an endurance sport

Aug 16, 2021
"This is not a sprint, this is a marathon," one real estate broker tells her clients. But for some homebuyers, the race is just too long.
Luxury apartments are advertised at a Manhattan real estate office. In this seller's market with limited inventory, trying to buy a home can feel like running a marathon.
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House bidding wars fall to a 10-year low

Nov 14, 2019
Real estate brokerage Redfin says just one in ten offers faced competition in October.

In home bidding wars, love letters can seal a deal

Jul 22, 2015
Some homebuyers try to win favor with sellers by writing a personal appeal.