House that sold for one dollar in Bay Area needs a home

Jan 6, 2017
The house is perched on a grassy lot where the city moved it to make way for new housing.
Even if it costs $300,000 to fix and move this house that sold in Hercules, Calif. for a dollar, the person who bought it thinks he can make a profit.
Sam Harnett

In Oakland, people worry that good jobs are out of reach

Dec 7, 2016
Working-class residents aren't sharing as the tech boom spreads to Oakland.
A mural on the wall of a public high school in West Oakland conveys the message "Knowledge is Power."
Sarah Gardner

Silicon Valley is ruining the local restaurant economy

Aug 10, 2016
An semi-affordable meal is hard to come by
Can you afford a $2,000 dinner?
Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images

Startup creates neighbor-to-neighbor food sharing

Nov 25, 2015
You can order homemade dishes online and then pick them up from a neighborhood cook.

Wannabe tech cities need angel investors, too

Aug 5, 2014
What's it take to turn your town into a tech hub? A wealthy resident helps.

West Oakland: From Black families to tech geeks

Oct 16, 2013
The housing crisis hit many black families in West Oakland. One community activist thinks how the real-estate market is doing now doesn't match the neighborhood.