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Wetlands or housing? Climate change pressures shoreline development plans.

Dec 22, 2023
In California, a fight is brewing over whether to build middle-class homes or restore wetlands that could mitigate flood risk. 
The city of Newark, California, could move to restore wetlands instead of building hundreds of houses. The development could ease the housing shortage, but the land could mitigate flooding as the seas rise.
Courtesy Derell Licht

Tomorrow's tech disruptors learn how to raise their game

Jul 17, 2023
The video game industry has a diversity problem. This Bay Area mentorship program has solutions.
"Marketplace Morning Report" host David Brancaccio speaks with mentees at Gameheads. The program aims to give students in the Bay Area the skills, connections and confidence to break into the tech industry.
Kelly Silvera/Marketplace

House that sold for one dollar in Bay Area needs a home

Jan 6, 2017
The house is perched on a grassy lot where the city moved it to make way for new housing.
Even if it costs $300,000 to fix and move this house that sold in Hercules, Calif. for a dollar, the person who bought it thinks he can make a profit.
Sam Harnett

In Oakland, people worry that good jobs are out of reach

Dec 7, 2016
Working-class residents aren't sharing as the tech boom spreads to Oakland.
A mural on the wall of a public high school in West Oakland conveys the message "Knowledge is Power."
Sarah Gardner

Silicon Valley is ruining the local restaurant economy

Aug 10, 2016
An semi-affordable meal is hard to come by
Can you afford a $2,000 dinner?
Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images

Startup creates neighbor-to-neighbor food sharing

Nov 25, 2015
You can order homemade dishes online and then pick them up from a neighborhood cook.

Wannabe tech cities need angel investors, too

Aug 5, 2014
What's it take to turn your town into a tech hub? A wealthy resident helps.

For public good, not for profit.

West Oakland: From Black families to tech geeks

Oct 16, 2013
The housing crisis hit many black families in West Oakland. One community activist thinks how the real-estate market is doing now doesn't match the neighborhood.