As baby formula plant reopens, can the U.S. diversify the marketplace?

Jul 11, 2022
Almost all the formula bought in the U.S. is made domestically, and imports face multiple barriers.
The U.S. imposes tariffs on formula imports. Instead of lifting them, the Biden administration is trying to simplify the FDA approval process for certain foreign producers.
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Families are still struggling to find baby formula

Jun 6, 2022
Low-income households and families of color are getting hit hardest, despite federal efforts to ease the shortage.
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Infant formula crisis teaches lesson about market concentration

May 20, 2022
When a few companies control most of the market, problems arise.
You’ll find market concentration everywhere, from crop seeds to airlines to, yes, baby formula.
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Biden invokes Defense Production Act to address nationwide formula shortage

May 18, 2022
Supplies of baby formula across the country have been severely curtailed after a February recall exacerbated ongoing supply chain disruptions.
A sign tells customers about purchase limits on baby formula at a Maryland Target on May 16. The ongoing formula shortage follows supply chain issues and a February recall.
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More than 40% of baby formula out of stock, data company says

May 13, 2022
Just four companies make most of the baby formula in the U.S. After a recall and plant closure at one, there's not enough supply to meet the need.
When you only have a few companies in the country that make something, shortages are one of the risks, says Brian Dittmeier of the National WIC Association.
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The hunt is on for elusive baby formula

May 2, 2022
A product recall plus, yes, supply chain woes have some parents driving hours to satisfy their child's nutritional needs.
Baby formula has been pricier and in short supply thanks to supply chain issues and a February product recall.
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