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Hearst celebrates 135 years and new business ventures

Jul 26, 2022
CEO Steven Swartz highlights the media giant’s important, if little-known, stakes in automotive information and B2B operations.
CEO Steven Swartz says the media giant is having an excellent year and remains open to acquisitions: "We're a good home for entrepreneurs."
Daniel Barry/Getty Images

Here’s how the supply chain for car-making got global

May 24, 2018
President Donald Trump has ordered the Commerce Department to look into whether higher tariffs are needed on imports of cars, trucks and automotive parts, in the interest of national security. But how do you decide if a vehicle is imported? These days, some American brands are made overseas. Foreign carmakers have factories in the U.S. […]

Car companies have started offering monthly subscriptions for drivers who don't want to own

May 9, 2018
What do BMW, Cadillac, Ford, Lincoln, Mercedes, Porsche and Volvo have in common? They're all offering car subscriptions that let drivers rent vehicles by the month for a flat fee that includes maintenance and insurance.
Canvas is a subscription service that lets drivers rent Ford and Lincoln vehicles by the month. 
Photo courtesy of Ford

German carmakers are slowly heading toward electric vehicles

Sep 28, 2017
Relying on old technology like diesel could prove fatal, an expert says.
Volkswagen is planning to spend 80 billion euros over the next decade on electric, hybrid and autonomous vehicles.
Sean Gallup/Getty Images

More bad news for Uber. This time from London.

Sep 22, 2017
Uber has a new fire to put out. The city of London said today that when Uber’s license to operate expires at the end of the month, it’s bye bye Uber. There won’t be a renewal. The company has been trying to recover from a long list of woes, which include — but are not […]

Self-driving carmakers haven't perfected a key piece of tech

Sep 11, 2017
Good isn't good enough when it comes to the lasers that allow autonomous vehicles to see.
A picture of Luminar's LIDAR monitor.
Molly Wood / Marketplace

Detroit carmakers cut production amid sales slump

Aug 1, 2017
July sales are down across the board for the Detroit Three automakers, 15.5 percent for GM, 10 percent for Chrysler and 7.5 percent for Ford. That makes seven straight months of declines for the U.S. auto industry at large. Now, considering the last two years basically broke every kind of sales record in the books, […]

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