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3 states will exit federal pandemic unemployment programs. More are likely to follow.

May 10, 2021
The Republican governors of Arkansas, Montana and South Carolina say the benefits keep people out of the workforce.
Arkansas, Montana and South Carolina are opting out, but the U.S. economy is down more than 8 million jobs since the pandemic hit.
Olivier Douliery/AFP via Getty Images

Arkansas phasing in work requirements for those on Medicaid

Aug 7, 2018
Arkansas is at the forefront of a national experiment to see whether requiring work for health care coverage helps lift people out of poverty. So far, the state’s plan has seen low compliance among beneficiaries who may soon see themselves fall off the Medicaid rolls. Out of the around 10,000 people who were supposed to […]
Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Republican Arkansas looks to cut its once-expanded Medicaid rolls

Jun 22, 2017
With the future of the Affordable Care Act uncertain, some states anticipate greater reductions by Congress.
Eddie Pannell is the retiring executive director at Harmony Health Clinic. He thinks many patients who left the free clinic after the passage of the Affordable Care Act will return if Congress cuts Medicaid.
Sarah Whites-Koditschek /Marketplace