Not white? Ancestry services don't work so well. Companies are looking for fixes.

May 25, 2018
More people of color need to take DNA tests to improve the results, but people of color won't buy kits if they don't provide worthwhile information. can reveal DNA information from 289 regions in Europe and four regions in Asia.
courtesy Michael Kim in $1.6 billion deal, will focus on Europe

Oct 22, 2012 has been acquired by a private equity group. The genealogy site has plans to expand services in Europe.
A woman poses with a Union Jack painted on her face at Trafalgar Square in London. Interest in ancestry is on the rise in Europe, as more people leave their home countries to find work elsewhere in the European Union.
YURI CORTEZ/AFP/GettyImages rakes in profits, buys up competitor

Apr 26, 2012 Inc. will soon take over rival family history website for the price tag of around $100 million.