Some Americans age 50 and older still paying student loans

by Erika Beras May 28, 2019
For some, student loan payments continue for decades.
René Gademann/Flickr

The messaging war over drug prices

by Kimberly Adams May 1, 2019
AARP and the pharmaceutical industry are running ad campaigns in an attempt to shape eventual legislation.
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

How food banks are reaching high-risk seniors

by Danielle Prieur Oct 11, 2018
The AARP estimates more than 10 million people 50 and older are at risk of going hungry every day in the United States. In Florida, where many baby boomers retire, this food insecurity is compounded by a lack of public…
A volunteer at a food drop at the Church of God in Bithlo passes out fresh bread donated from Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida. Of the 93,000 meals they’ve provided so far this year, 80 percent of the food is considered nutritious.    
Danielle Prieur

Co-housing offers people a way to age at home

by Danielle Prieur Jul 25, 2018
The American Association of Retired Persons estimates about three-quarters of people 45 and older want to stay in their homes as they age.  One way for them to do that is co-housing. It gives people the opportunity to live independently but…
One way to keep aging people in their homes longer is through co-housing. 

The older generation wants to know more about smartphones

by Molly Wood Mar 30, 2017
Predictive text, Wi-Fi and selfies were all on the lesson plan at a seminar in NYC.
Ismael Tubens of the AARP teaches a group of senior citizens how to zoom in on an Android phone.
Courtesy AARP

A new older generation may attract more ad dollars

by Scott Tong Aug 14, 2015
Senior citizens aren't acting like old people, and some advertisers are noticing.

Don't fall prey to the 'foreign lottery' scam

by Barbara Bogaev Mar 22, 2013
Older Americans are being targeted by con artists abroad. The victims are told they are winners of a "foreign lottery" and that they only have to pay taxes and fees to claim their jackpots. But, the scam is costing people…

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AARP study: Americans over 50 worry for future

by Jeff Horwich and Jeremy Hobson Aug 9, 2012
As many young adults struggle with finding a job and paying off student loans, and as families across the country work to pay off their mortgage, another group of people is even more worried about the future: those close to…
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Former presidential candidate deemed 'sexy' by AARP

by Kai Ryssdal May 24, 2012
Even though he said he'd vote to cut retiree benefits.
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MIDDAY UPDATE: GDP up 2.6 percent, holiday shopping

by Katharine Crnko Dec 22, 2010
U.S. Gross Domestic Product grew 2.6 percent in the third quarter. Stacey Vanek Smith spoke to Richard DeKaser, who explained while this is a good...

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