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With a new year comes new data privacy protections
Jan 2, 2023

With a new year comes new data privacy protections

California expanded its data privacy laws to include employers. Today, what it means for companies in the state and beyond. Then, a look at the astrotourism industry.

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Complying with California's new privacy law is a big deal for employers

Jan 2, 2023
Employers collect a lot of data on workers beyond the basics: surveillance footage, emails, facial recognition. Now, they have to account for all of it.
Human resources files, emails and other information must now be accounted for under California's expanded consumer privacy law.
dusanpetkovic/Getty Images

The stubbornness of the digital divide

The FCC’s newest broadband availability map is now published, and states and municipalities have until Jan. 13 to challenge any inaccuracies. We check in with Marketplace’s Savannah Maher on that process and the map’s accuracy so far.

Substance use and new paths to recovery

From American Public Media’s Call To Mind initiative, Marketplace host Kimberly Adams talks with Dr. Joji Suzuki from Brigham and Women’s Hospital about the workforce and treatment for substance use disorders.

Once pandemic emergency protections end, millions likely to lose Medicaid

Jan 2, 2023
As many as 15 million people may lose Medicaid coverage after the pandemic emergency is formally declared over. But the government’s own projections show many of them will still qualify. They’ll just get hung up in the paperwork.
Patients at a low-income clinic in Nashville wait to be seen. During the pandemic, Medicaid programs were not allowed to drop patients, but income reviews will restart once the public health emergency ends.
Blake Farmer/WPLN

In an ever-brighter world, tourists travel north for truly dark skies

Jan 2, 2023
As light pollution affects more of the globe, astrotourism is taking off in remote spots where skies are dark and stars shine bright.
Landscape photographer Travis Novitsky frames up a photograph of the Spirit Tree, known as "Manido Gizhigans" in Ojibwe, on Nov. 30, 2022.
Ben Hovland

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