Why are mortgage rates falling?
Dec 7, 2022

Why are mortgage rates falling?

While interest rates set by the Fed are rising, mortgage rates are dipping. Why? Plus, the uphill battle to boost opioid addiction treatment.

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Here's why mortgage rates have been falling

Dec 7, 2022
While the Fed has continued to hike interest rates, the average interest rate on a 30-year fixed rate mortgage has dropped from 7.16% to 6.4%.
When there’s a big surge in investor demand for mortgage bonds, "the price goes up, the rate goes down, and that trickles through to what the homeowners will see," said Jeana Curro at Bank of America.
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What does the price cap on Russian oil mean for global oil prices?

Dec 7, 2022
The $60 price cap was designed to limit Russian oil revenues, while keeping the oil itself flowing to avoid a global price shock.
After debating how high to set a price cap on Russian oil, Western allies agreed to $60 per barrel. 
Above, an oil refinery in Moscow.
Natalia Kolesnikova/AFP via Getty Images

Pinched by inflation, more people turn to crowdfunding to cover basic necessities

Dec 7, 2022
The number of GoFundMe fundraisers for baby formula doubled, and requests for help covering gas and groceries also increased.
With prices for food and other goods climbing, more people have created GoFundMe pages to attract donations.
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Prescription drugs are effective treatments for opioid addiction. Expanding access won't be easy.

Dec 7, 2022
Right now, only 5% of people battling opioid use disorder have access to the treatments. The Biden Administration wants universal access by 2025.
Methadone — the oldest and most widely used addiction medication — is highly regulated by federal agencies.
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Job gains for people with disabilities are outpacing those for other groups, thanks to telework

Dec 7, 2022
People with disabilities have long asked to work from home, says Nicole Maestas of Harvard. The pandemic proved it can be done.
Increased telework opportunities have allowed people with disabilities to make employment gains.
Christophe Archambault/AFP via Getty Images

For hiking outfitter, this holiday season feels like a path untrodden

Dec 7, 2022
From dealing with surplus inventory to accommodating changing consumer habits, this Georgia retailer is trying to suss out the future.
Eric Champlin (left) and husband Rob Sollie at their shop in Hiawassee, Georgia. "Consumer buying patterns are definitely shifting," Champlin says.
Courtesy Champlin

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